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jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011

Abstract Photos 1980 - 1981 - 1982 Crystal Landscape 48 "Todo es de color" - Everything Is In Colour

Dedicado al poema "Todo es de color", poema del poeta José Manuel Flores que escribió las letras de bastantes canciones de Lole y Manuel. Pero por no querer comercializar con su poesía, en los créditos de los discos aparece Manuel Molina como autor.

Dedicated to the poem "Everything is color", poem of the poet José Manuel Flores, who wrote the lyrics of many songs from Lole y Manuel. But not wanting to trade withhis poetry, in the credits of the disks appears as author Manuel Molina.

Todo Es De Color
Todo el mundo cuenta sus penas
pidiendo la comprension
quien cuenta sus alegrias
no comprende al que sufrio
Señor de los espacios infinitos
tu que tienes la paz ahi entre las manos
derramala Señor te lo suplico
y enseñales a amar a mis hermanos
de lo que pasa en el mundo
por Dios que no entiendo nada
el cardo siempre gritando
y la flor siempre callada
que grite la flor
y que se calle el cardo
y todo aquel que sea mi enemigo
que sea hermano
vallamos por esa senda
a ver que luz encontramos
esa luz que esta en la tierra
y que los hombres apagamos
Señor de los espacios infinitos
tu que tienes la paz ahi entre las manos
derramala Señor te lo suplico
y enseñales a amar a mis hermanos
y enseñales lo bello de la vida
y a ser consuelo en todas las heridas
y amar con blanco amor toda la tierra
y buscar siempre la paz Señor y odiar la guerra
y en aquel jardin han entrado
cuatro hombres a por fia
y sin compasion se han llevado
la rosa que yo queria
y luego la han despreciado
y quien me puede demostrar
que Cristo no fue gitano
ni que sabia cantar
las flores de tu balcón
las flores de tu balcón
lloran por verte, que lo se yo

Everything Is In Colour

Everyone tells of their worries
Asking for understanding
He who tells of his joy
Doesn’t understand those who suffered
Lord of infinite space
You who have peace there between your hands
Pour it out Lord, I beg you
And teach my brothers to love
Of what happens in the world
By God, I don’t understand it
The thistle always screaming
And the flower always quiet
Let the flower scream
And let the thistle fall silent
And all those who are my enemies
Let them be my brothers
Let’s go down that path
And see what light we can find
That light that is in the ground
And that which we have extinguished
Lord of infinite space
You who have peace there between your hands
Pour it out Lord, I beg you
And teach my brothers to love
And show them the beauty of life
And how to comfort all wounds
And how to love with pure love the entire world
And how to always search for peace Lord and to hate war
In that garden there have entered
Four men and by force
And without compassion, they have taken
The rose that I loved
And later they have maltreated it
And who can prove to me
That Christ wasn’t a gypsy
Or that he couldn’t sing
The flowers on your balcony
The flowers on your balcony
Cry to see you again, as far as I know

77 comentarios:

ladyfi dijo...

What vibrant colours and what lovely soft curves!

Ellie dijo...

These are really beautiful.

Hanne Bente dijo...

Hola Leovi.
Todo es de color - muy por encima de las nubes el cielo siempre es azul.
Grandes fotos que muestran - Me gusta verlos - y amar la vida.
Te deseo un colorido jueves.
Abrazos Hanne Bente ♥

Mrsupole dijo...

Great colors in the photos. I really like the poem and it does talk about what Tomorrow might be.

Thanks so much for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday. Fantastic photos each week for the theme.

God bless.

Gina dijo...

Wonderful a dancing rainbow :D XXX

Sherrie dijo...

Beautiful! Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Sarco Lange dijo...

El fondo de esta foto me provoca un deseo enorme de perderme.


Mama Zen dijo...

I see a fish!

Alex J. Cavanaugh dijo...

Like a colorful ice castle on a frozen lake. Amazing!

Art dijo...

This work is really lovely!

Luis Gomez dijo...

Excelente Leovi!

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School dijo...

The sculptural quality of you photos always amaze me.

Beautiful colors and shapes.

I love, love the Todo Es De Color poem.

Thanks for sharing Leovi.

4U2 dijo...

Porque pienso en una madre ... que da vida, alimento, a lo mejor de la vida, los bebes - qienes dan color de alegria a la mejor de la vida?
respuesta: gracias por ayudarme a tener en vida mi computador :)

Sue dijo...

Absolutely wonderful, Leovi...the photo and the poem that inspired it.

Happy Thanksgiving! :Even though you don't specifically celebrate it, I think you celebrate it every day in your photos.


Elisabeth dijo...

Nice photos, to a nice poem!

Gattina dijo...

Gorgeous ! very special !

Ash dijo...

Splendid. This is one of your best, Leovi!

✾ ✿ FRANCE ❀ dijo...


Cristina dijo...

: )) tra poco costruirai una struttura per fare le foto, il passo è poco questa sembra già una piccola cattedrale stile spagnolo piena di fantasia! Mi piace molto! Buona serata! Cri : )

Clytie dijo...

How absolutely gorgeous, Leovi - and the poem touched me deeply.

The thistle always screaming
And the flower always quiet
Let the flower scream
And let the thistle fall silent
And all those who are my enemies
Let them be my brothers

Thank you!

lilasvb dijo...

tres beau

Kaya dijo...

Leovi, this is beautiful. And images and a poem. I enjoy this post tremendously

I love these words from the poem " Everyone tells of their worries, asking for understanding..."

And then "You who have peace there between your hands..." Jose Manuel Flores is a big poet!!!!!! He can so easy awake your soul and open your mind.

These images of crystals are very dramatic and fabulous.

There is drama in the air in the first two images. And It's getting more deep in the B&W images.

Wow!!!! Love this post a lot and love these masterful pieces of art a lot!!!!

A hug.

Esmeralda dijo...

Bueno...!! estos son mis paisajes, una maravilla "Todo es de color"....

"El pez arco iris"
-el pez mas hermoso de todo el océano
-hermoso y soberbio
-se quedó sin amigos
-descubrió la soledad
-no le gustó
Cuando regaló sus hermosas y coloridas escamas no fue tan hermoso
-pero fue feliz

Tu pez hermoso y colorido me ha recordado a este cuento que es una joya.

Un petó Leovi

CameraCruise dijo...

Gorgeous, love it!
Have a great day.

Gina dijo...

Aaaaw! Thank you for the beautiful verse :D XXX

Carmela dijo...

Una canción que me encanta.
La foto hermosa, un lugar maravilloso en un paisaje de ensueño, Leovi.

Dámaso dijo...

Simplemente maravillosas!!

Pilar Lain dijo...

Ya hacia dias que no pasaba por aqui, otras cuestiones me han tenido ocupada. Tu blog siempre es de colores, aunque los colores sean el blanco y el negro. Saludos.

Gary dijo...

Great colours and curves!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Living In Williamsburg Virginia dijo...

Very interesting shots and artwork.

Darryl and Ruth :)

Judie dijo...

Hmmm-that sort of looks like a crystal turkey. Maybe it's because I have our American Thanksgiving on my brain!!

Inger-M dijo...

Gorgeous transparency!

ReltiH ReltiH dijo...


Bonnie dijo...

Beautiful images and a beautiful poem. You continue to show us the 'beauty of life'. Thank you.

Rajesh dijo...

Beautiful landscape with colorful crystals.

mary dijo...

wow stunning!


Indrani dijo...

Whoa! Fantastic creations!

George dijo...

This is another colorful and beautiful crystal landscape. Thanks for sharing it with us. Thanks, too, for sharing the lyrics as well.

anitamombanita dijo...

otra imagen hermoso! que colores!!

Pat dijo...

Leovi, these are beautiful creations!

Scarlata dijo...

Vuelvo a ver la ballena tristona.Esta vez, la veo de regraso de la isla,no parece que le fuese bien.
Me encantó la canción¡
Besos leovi¡ y buen finde.

Seraphina´s Phantasie dijo...

Just wonderful ! All the time Artwork. I love the colors in your first shots. Great and amazing !

magda dijo...

Very elegant work my dear leovi!!!
Beautiful reflections and colors!!!
Very nice poem about true love of God!
Un abrazo

le blÖg d'Ötli dijo...

Even your balck and white is color!!! Beauty... everywhere in your world.

Inge dijo...

Lovely pictures.. :-)

Bett Ilustraciones dijo...


Netty dijo...

All I can say is FABULOUS. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

Bananazஇ dijo...

Everything is beautiful..

Brian Miller dijo...

nice...thanks for including the poem...enjoyed it and your picture plays well off of it...beautiful flow and color...

Light Trigger dijo...

beautiful, the colour photo shows all the reflexes of sun light! it's amzing!

Light Trigger: our entry

Tina´s PicStory dijo...

very nice! have a nice weekend!

Laloofah dijo...

This is so striking! I love how you always use colors I would never put together (like oranges and pinks), and yet they work so well. Like a sunrise or sunset sky. I love the lighting in these, as well as the colors. Beautiful!

Mormor dijo...

I needed those words and that sight.
Thank you.
Have a nice day

NatashaMay dijo...

Fabulous use of light! Love it!

Lori @ Foto Friday dijo...

The colors are so beautiful! Nice poem.

Thanks for sharing,

°º✿° Gitana °✿º° dijo...

Qué imagen tan inmensa !
Me encanto el comentario de Sarco Lange :)
te dejo un besazooo!

Jah Hollis dijo...

Beautiful pictures. Light and colour is what we need now, especially here up North where it is the darkest time of the year now.

La Abela dijo...

Estupendo juego de transparencias y reflejos Leovi, y el poema buenisimo...ya lo sabes ¿no?. Un abrazo

Martha Z dijo...

Another interesting composition.

Sylvia K dijo...

Breathtaking beauty as always and I love the water and skies in the background! Lovely colors! Have a wonderful weekend, Leovi!


carlarey dijo...

Beautiful, I love how the touches of gold at the edges of the clouds echo the gold in the glass.

anthony stemke dijo...

Great crystal and a lovely poem.

We recently saw the Chihuli blown glass art in St. Petersburg, Florida and it was fantastic.

One of his pieces, worth one million dollars US, is on the ceiling of the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I thought of you as I took the tour, his work is spectacular.

Índigo dijo...

Como naranjas desgajándose con su dulzor y su acidez, jugosas, ávidas de luz, derramándose...

Genie dijo...

I really like the water and the sky framing the picture. This is a beautifully colored fish out of water. The way the light flows through the capture is stunning. genie

zongrik dijo...

hermosos cuadros

bettyl dijo...

Quite different and interesting. The colors are truly great.

Kris dijo...

But how did they get there?

LauraX dijo...

As always your artwork is exquisite. The poem/prayer really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing and translating it for us.

Mandy dijo... do you do

Anne dijo...

I love the stained glass look you get. So pretty.

Amin dijo...


Mingingi des prairies dijo...

Très belle idée que d'illustrer tes photos par ces beaux poèmes !

Dragonstar dijo...

I like the third in black and white. It enhances the scenery beyond.

Marianne dijo...

Absolutely mesmerizing

Geckostone dijo...

Breathtaking!!! Just love it! Deb

Jenny dijo...

What a gorgeous, gorgeous progression of color!

Really fabulous. I am enchanted with that rosy, raspberry color on the right!


C'est superbe dans l'ensemble mais je préfère nettement les photos couleurs qui décuplent l'effet lumière.


Limbo Delirium