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lunes, 20 de mayo de 2013

Foto Abstracta 2685 Impulso hacia la eternidad - Impulse toward eternity

Upon Reflection

Listening to the world,
do I filter out distortions
or add them?

When looking through my lens
do I see enemies or
do I see friends?

What do you perceive
from the other side of your eyes
and mind?

And when the world
looks back at me…
what’s the version that it sees?

Mary Bach - Writing in the Bachs 

the little chinese girl
(with forest hair)
teeter totters

—–feet to feet,
——–(green neon laces)

as the elderly librarian


——dvd–  (i yawn)
———a couple books–

checKs for scraTches,
beep-loads silence, sparKs
of electricity, (felt only
on the thin skin
of my neck),

books piled on a stack,
reTurned, warm with fingerprints,
dive boldly back into the circuit,

& the cat has human eyes,
like horses that i talked to
in a painting by chagall
(there was a weird sense of trust, i swear
they moved their heads toward me)

& where would a painter put us,
as we throw no shades
nor offer color, i sang in the car today
(self-invented, life to tune)

but no one knows,
& now stand,
fish in row, two of three books un-read,
(sorry, but the painter wouldn’t know),

nor the little girl–
nor the water-carrier
with diffusing face,

he would proceed,
balancing two rim-filled buckets on his stick,
(with o-shaped legs) &
whistling on his way–

just like we all do

Ask me what I cherish most of all and I
Can only answer the one place
I am always drawn to, a spot in between
The has been and the infinity of my thoughts.
There the trees are red. Their leaves, the color
Of Homer’s wine dark seas, sigh the sighs
Of sustenance for my heart that always hungers
To be released from the limitations of my body.
Some landscapes are dry and hard to cross.
Others, filled with hills, mountains, deep valleys
And weather that plagues a traveler. Here
The world is flat, with no impediments,
The views are all horizons reaching out
Beyond the bonds that hold me.
The air is always placid, moving just
To feel I am being caressed by the hands
Of invisible lovers unceasing in their ardor.
The grasses grow in shades of blue to mimic
The differences the sky assumes as the sun
Moves in erratic ways keeping rhythm
With the water that runs in shallow rivers
I know will take me a lifetime to cross each one,
But then, my soul is not my heart and dances
In and out from form to form at will.
As for contention with time’s distraction,
I measure the passage of the moment
By the marvels of things created
And miraculous aspects of things existing.
What is more important to cherish
Than all this.

Marvels of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing - KB

49 comentarios:

Carolina dijo...

Impulso a la eternidad, en un mundo de colores preciosos. El rosa suave, el azul intenso, un amarillo soleado, un turquesa pastel, un rojo amoroso.

Besitos de luz

MARTY dijo...

some words written on colours, or only beautiful lines !

Dana dijo...

I like how fluid this looks—so pretty!

Have a wonderful Monday. ☺

Alex J. Cavanaugh dijo...

You captured some powerful lines today!

Índigo dijo...

Bellísimas las tres pero me quedo con la eternidad de los azules y los tonos pastel.

TexWisGirl dijo...

beautiful fluidity!

MTeresa dijo...

Me paseo por tus posts
y me embarga una gran serenidad,
la belleza me invade
y el lirismo fluye
como un torrente desbordado.

SmilingSally dijo...

Thanks for playing.

Happy Blue Monday, Leovi.

a.s.m. dijo...

Una belleza de imagen.

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary dijo...

I had to come back again today and see at your beautiful colorful composition.

Dynamic and energetic as always.

Have a great week Leovi

Judy Haughton-James dijo...

Very beautiful Leovi! I love all the colours.

Theresa dijo...

Beautiful! All of the colors are so pretty, but that strip of purple down there are the bottom really catches my eye! Nice addition to the whole piece!

Pantherka dijo...

Very beautiful. Great color composition.

Karen dijo...

Beautiful flowing colours!

Pie dijo...

Wonderful colors. I played too. Mine are here and here.

MAR dijo...

1 2 3...aupame¡ a la eternidad...

ñOCO Le bOLO dijo...

Hoy prefiero perderme en disfrutar de la intensa gama cromatica de la versión en blanco y b¡negro.

· un abrazo Leovi

· LMA · & · CR ·

caucasusgeography dijo...

Hello! Wonderful photo!

Karen dijo...

Beautiful series.

tinajo dijo...

I really like this, looks lovely!

Pat Tillett dijo...

Beautiful Leovi! Love the colors...

Lmkazmierczak dijo...

Fluid and energetic...I see a form of a face in the b&w as well as the amber...looking a bit faceplanted. Intriguing as always♫♪ My Catching the Light:

Clairejustine oxox dijo...

Beautiful,love love love :)

Thanks for sharing with us at Creative Mondays ...

Gary dijo...

Dynamic!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon Tiver, Canada.

susie dijo...

Wonderful colours !
Sugared water ...

eileeninmd dijo...

I like this look and the pretty colors. Lovely abstracts!

:.tossan© dijo...

Excellent! A beautiful and colorful abstract perspective! hug

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) dijo...

Stunning shot as always! Very dramatic and bold.
Thanks for sharing.
Hope to see you on my blog:)

Greetings from Singapore...

Joyce Lansky dijo...

I love the colors of the first picture. Fabulous!

Sandy Carlson dijo...

I have not visited for a bit. Your art is beautiful.

Rajesh dijo...

Beautiful composition, great color shades.

Suzanne McClendon dijo...

This is beautiful!

I'm here from the Creative Every Day site and am now following you via the Feedly Reader. Have a great week!

Di dijo...

This is relaxing to see, soul cleansing work!

ladyfi dijo...

Love the flow and exquisite colours!

Luis dijo...

En esta ocasión me quedo con la inmensa gama de grises.

Juncal dijo...

Caramba Leovi ... me vino de sopetón.
A veces mi interpretación se encuentra en la punta de la lengua, otras he de profundizar y con ésta, mira que lo tenía fácil tuve que esperar que a su majestad le diese la gana.
Sin venir a cuento saltó sobre mí y me contó su deducción.
Dice que la visión es a la inversa de mi mirada. Que no es desde el borde donde tengo que centrar ese impulso sino desde el fondo y emerger aprovechando esa fuerza. Que sólo así uno se asombra de la intensidad del color real sin visos que lo empañen.
Bueno, después de meditarlo, creo que sí, le voy a dar la razón en este caso.
Caprichosa es, pero a veces piensa por mí.
¿Cómo no me daría cuenta antes, siendo tan espectacular el brote de color ?
Besos, Leovi.

Lorraine dijo...

Your Eternity is a gift from God, how lovely

Randi dijo...

Love these "moving" photos! Very artistic!

Brian Miller dijo...

nice fluidity to this...i envision a city street behind the colors are really cool...

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger dijo...

Hi Leovi, I can sense the 'impulse' in the lines! Nice image my friend

Duncan In Kuantan

Nancy Claeys dijo...

Very pretty in all 3 forms.

Dana dijo...

Love the blues!

Have a wonderful Tuesday. ☺

Leovi dijo...

Juncal para ir a lo profundo creo que antes hay que partir de los bordes. Besos.

Gunilla Bäck dijo...

Beautiful set. I love the soft swirly patterns in these and the blue colour.

Timur dijo...

Wonderful photos...Amazing !!

I like it !

Greetings from Germany

lorik dijo...

I see this one as very happy and passionate:) And beautiful and complex , as always:)
Thank you for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

Clairejustine oxox dijo...

Hi Leovi, I am just asking if I could copy your image and add your blog link as the caption, on my Creative Monday hop? I am starting my features again and would love to feature your picture? I understand if not, but would love to feature if possible :)

Clairejustine oxox dijo...

Hi , thanks for letting me feature you this week :) Creative Mondays is now live :)

mail4rosey dijo...

I saw you featured at Claire's and came to wave hello. Very well deserved!

Limbo Delirium