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domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

Foto Abstracta 2663 El Creamundos - The Createworlds

if the devil wears prada & God pearly white
i don't know where my jeans fit

(they're off the bargain rack)
but serve a purpose

at the end of the drive, the long grass
by the mail box post scratches at them,
cars whizzing past---

close the mouth & flip through the ads,
(it's all we get---these days)
'look at that!'

a flyer proclaiming they'll tell me
where my genes fit
for just 99 bucks & a bit of DNA
all from the convenience of my own home

which they'll disassemble like a buick,
anal-eyes each part to determine
just what will kill me---up to 209 possibilities,
sin-dromes you might pass on to your off-
spring, ancestral history, that
disease your great great great great
gramps kept (how great is that?)---what's
hiding under your hood,
nuts & bolts
                 already they tinker, fix the inner space
so the blurred line ends with the next man-
ufactured birthing
                        complete w/ pre-emptive cosmetic surgery
we need a checklist:
      athletic ability (check)
      asthma (nope)
      endowment (check, check, check)
      poetic (well, let me think on that)

nip/tuck----tick, tick, tick (BING!), schlupp out pops 
our uber child (widget)
              isn't (s)he cute
& if we're god, who's left to blame
                        when it all goes wrong

the emperor has no clothes on, 
            the devil wears prada
                 junk mail recycled
                                    & i'll
                                        keep my jeans on

(a little while at least)


crimson tongues ensnares
a lollipop, enchanting it
to azure hue
purple shadows playing
with verdant rabbits
dressed in coats.

far away I see
the pink horses
marching to a sound machine
and go boom boom bang
while high above
magenta tracks
from sluggish badgers
painting tic-a-toc
across a sky of
tangerine and green
and deep below
the ruby elephants are
served Martinis
(without olives)

and then I wake
(without even getting a sip)

May 25, 2013

53 comentarios:

Alex J. Cavanaugh dijo...

Wow, that really does look like something in outer space!

Carolina dijo...

Un mundo colorido y precioso. Fascinante para perderse en el, aún sin tener alas para llegar allí.

Besitos de luz

Frieda dijo...

What a fantastic surreal composition. It looks like something from a dream...

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger dijo...

I love the yellow liquid!

MAR dijo...

jejeje que salaó¡
parece una vaca, mirando de reojo

Nicki dijo...

Metallic wonder.

Jah Hollis dijo...

Great picture. Looks like some mysterious space traveller.

Nadja dijo...

So cool, could be a scene from a 50's Sci-Fi movie.
Also in black and white it's still a strong image!

Dragonstar dijo...

This is great in each version - lovely shapes.

Di dijo...

This reminds me of something that could be drawn in a sci-fi comic in the 60's, which is a very cool detail! Love this!

TexWisGirl dijo...

a spaceship orbiting a planet!

Stefano Davanzo dijo...

Quasi spaziale

Lorri dijo...

Amazing finish, colors and contrasts.

Kathe W. dijo...

I like all 3 images- but the black and white is my favorite- looks like a ship floating in outer space

sarco lange dijo...

La medusa en sepia que en un arranque de celos hacia la espuma destroza y arranca la cabeza del astronauta...

Abrz Leo.

ñOCO Le bOLO dijo...

Como si a golpe de sifón fueran creados, gotas en el espacio que flotan en busca de autor.
Tan original como siempre.

· un abrazo

· CR · & · LMA ·

Mama Zen dijo...

Makes me think of a spaceship!

Brian Miller dijo...

oh wow...def feeling a space theme in this one...the solid and fluid...a planet and ship...very cool...

Pantherka dijo...

So it's really beautiful, great job.

Juncal dijo...

A veces te veo como un Da Vinci en esa creatividad sin límites.
De la nada compones mundos plenos de color, brillo y matices que abandonan tu taller en busca de vida y libertad.

Preciosa, Leovi.

tinajo dijo...

Looks awesome, love the colors as usual! :-)

sandy @ french laundry 132 dijo...

wow the martians have landed lol

Leovi dijo...

Lo de Da Vinci es demasiado Juncal. Besos.

Maria Emilia Moreira dijo...

Parece-me uma botija amarela que vai expelindo matéria viva numa órbita celeste. Como sempre, fico encantada com tanta cor. Abraços.

Sherazade dijo...

Amigo querido; três versões de um mesmo objeto, cada um com sua beleza, conforme o colorido, mas todos três, são maravilhosos!
Boa semana! Beijos

Miguel dijo...

Algo así como un mecanismo creador de planetas que son soltados en una masa ígnea para que en ella se cocinen. Un abrazo,

Ida dijo...

Very bold. At first glance it reminded me of something from space. Another glance and for some odd reason I was thinking of a fried egg, weird I know.

Dirk Rosin dijo...

hilsen dirk

Juncal dijo...

Lo siento !! pero hasta la escafandra habla en mi favor.

:.tossan© dijo...

Show photos! Amazing!
I liked very much. hug

Pie dijo...

Cool! I played too. Mine are here and here.

Liz dijo...

Nice work! Have a fabulous week!

Liz (mlc)
Liz (yacb)

lina@happy family dijo...

Looks weird but impressive!

Katrin dijo...

Stunning! I like the colorful best.

MTeresa dijo...

Excelente sitio,
colorido y arte,
metáfora y mensaje,
un saludo

SmilingSally dijo...

That is blue-tiful. Thanks for playing.

Happy Blue Monday, Leovi.

Lorraine dijo...

Wow your imagination knows no bounds love it :)

Luis dijo...

Esta vez no capto nada de nada pero el ByN me gusta, que quieres soy así de borrico.

dianne dijo...

Wonderful abstract, it looks like some kind of colourful spacecraft.

xoxoxo ♡

Rhonda H dijo...

Amazing colors! So beautiful! Love how they shine too!

Mother Goutte dijo...

Fantastic colours!

Índigo dijo...

El universo en tus manos.

Maite - vitoma dijo...


Gunilla Bäck dijo...

Interesting shot! It does look like a spaceship and a small planet.

nélida dijo...

Me encantaaa!
Es impresionante lo que lográs!

Pat Tillett dijo...

I have no idea what it is, but it is beautiful! SciFi...

Linda dijo...

Oooh, very cool!

Michaela dijo...

interesting shapes..

Pinkoddy dijo...

I wonder if outer space really is that pretty

Thanks for joining in with Motivational Monday

Liz dijo...

Nice work!

Liz (yacb)

Anónimo dijo...

Very effective, Thank you for joining us at Glitter n Sparkle this week. Abbie DT xx

Aga Gasiniak dijo...

extremely surreal and intresting. Very good composition. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown Mami dijo...

It looks and feels like outer space.

Limbo Delirium