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domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

Foto Abstracta 2663 El Creamundos - The Createworlds

if the devil wears prada & God pearly white
i don't know where my jeans fit

(they're off the bargain rack)
but serve a purpose

at the end of the drive, the long grass
by the mail box post scratches at them,
cars whizzing past---

close the mouth & flip through the ads,
(it's all we get---these days)
'look at that!'

a flyer proclaiming they'll tell me
where my genes fit
for just 99 bucks & a bit of DNA
all from the convenience of my own home

which they'll disassemble like a buick,
anal-eyes each part to determine
just what will kill me---up to 209 possibilities,
sin-dromes you might pass on to your off-
spring, ancestral history, that
disease your great great great great
gramps kept (how great is that?)---what's
hiding under your hood,
nuts & bolts
                 already they tinker, fix the inner space
so the blurred line ends with the next man-
ufactured birthing
                        complete w/ pre-emptive cosmetic surgery
we need a checklist:
      athletic ability (check)
      asthma (nope)
      endowment (check, check, check)
      poetic (well, let me think on that)

nip/tuck----tick, tick, tick (BING!), schlupp out pops 
our uber child (widget)
              isn't (s)he cute
& if we're god, who's left to blame
                        when it all goes wrong

the emperor has no clothes on, 
            the devil wears prada
                 junk mail recycled
                                    & i'll
                                        keep my jeans on

(a little while at least)


crimson tongues ensnares
a lollipop, enchanting it
to azure hue
purple shadows playing
with verdant rabbits
dressed in coats.

far away I see
the pink horses
marching to a sound machine
and go boom boom bang
while high above
magenta tracks
from sluggish badgers
painting tic-a-toc
across a sky of
tangerine and green
and deep below
the ruby elephants are
served Martinis
(without olives)

and then I wake
(without even getting a sip)

May 25, 2013

miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

Abstract Photo 2659 Crystal Landscape 102 A TO Z "U"

 Uncertain Life 

each cell limbers,
stretching across the green expanse- 
           chew, grind, chew--  

leaf by leaf, 

crown, tail, limb of tree, 
           chump, swallow, chump--

oak foliage is

my bed, night after night
           shedding skin, shedding

colors, spiny bristles

moving along like spongy train-  
          evade, wiggle, evade-- 

sting of hungry

predators anxious for a repast- 
         crawl, curl, crawl--

into the crevice,   

where silky threads cocoon me -
         wet wings wobble 

as clouds spin  

faster than fallen leaves, bug-bitten, 
         suckled dry, slug-defiled--

this dark womb- 

i'll soon fly, remembering nothing: 
         earthly chaff & toil--  

but the sweep 

of wind on my face, 
         sun-colored & dazzling--  

Limbo Delirium