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jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Fotos Abstractas 749 - 750

12 comentarios:

Ginny dijo...

This looks like a bejeweled alphabet you have created, a bit like Hebrew writing.

Soraia dijo...

Great photos!!

Sabine dijo...

Leovi, tú sabes que yo soy partidario de los suyos.
Saludos Sabine

jeannette dijo...

Am glad you decided to photograph your slides above -they are incredible!!
The ones in this post have a very different mood - but also beautiful:)
Can't help but think that it would only be a few steps for you to paint abstract. Have you ever tried it?
Have a great weekend!

Luz dijo...

Estas están bien con un toque bien femenino
me encantan! Tienen brillo propio!

FacuZ dijo...

De nuevo por tu blog, a ver mas bellezas.



Sharon Colaco D'Souza dijo...

beautiful work!:)

Pat Tillett dijo...

Very nice!

Wersemei dijo...

Dos fotos más para la posteridad. Magnificas!!

Kenji dijo...

love it so much!

Cheers :)

grafite dijo...

As you do, i love objects.I created a typeface with found objects for a school project! On my blog you can't see it but i do! That's why i like your "abstractas" which is not really so abstractas for me. ;-) I keep all this plastic things me too, i don't use it right now but maybe later.
I enjoy your job. Photographer, Is it your real job?

Cali dijo...

Fantastic Photos...I love them all..

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